...Underdog's new Trick Bag

Wednesday, 17 November 2010 . 19:30 Bar UnderSolo, 20 Inverness Street, London

Georges knew it was all about timing, that perfect rhythm that not just any drummer could pull off. He looked down at his cards, good...but not good enough, this was going to take a little bit 'creative' action on his part. After all there was luck and there was making your own luck.


He stared out from beneath his dark glasses cooly observing the faces of his fellow players around him, a rag-tag bunch of city lowlifes if ever there was. All eyes were on him and with stakes this high he couldn't afford to slip up. A single bead of sweat wound it's way slowly down his forehead whilst his heart pounded a steady beat that he hoped only he could hear. Any minute now he'd have to make his move.


Now Georges hated to see a good drink go to waste but he couldn't ever remember a time when so much depended on one hand. Spurred on by the music of the house band his next move became a dance alongside it's heady rhythms. His hand darted out as if to pick up the next card but found only the edge of his glass, sending the dark, oily liquid within sprawling across the table. As if on cue his opponents reacted, giving him just the time he needed to pull the extra card he had neatly concealed within the sleeve of his care worn suit and add it to the others before him.


Looking down to the selection of cards he now held he struggled to hold back his excitement, cooly thinking to himself 'This one's in the bag...'