...Live! at the Victoria

Sunday 11th September · 18:00 The Victoria, 110 Grove Road, London

Needless to say it was not often that Georges let anyone get the drop on him but a life spent living in the shadows does from time to time dredge up the occasional have-a-go scum bag to really mess with your day.


Darting into an all too sombre alleyway Georges was quickly made aware of the fact that he was no longer alone. 'Hey buddy, got a light?' came the rather too predictable ice breaker from behind. Reluctantly Georges decided to play along, fumbling through his jacket pocket his hand eventually came to rest on a rather crumpled book of matches. Pulling it into the open his mind began to wander thanks mostly to the vague whiff of gasoline that still hung around it. He flipped the cover to reveal one last solitary match.


Just then his thoughts were bought back to the here and now by the unmistakable click of a revolver echoing through the stark alley around him. Lifting the book over his shoulder in sight of those behind him he casually told them,


'sorry fellas, looks like you've met your match this time'...


...'huh, looks like we've got a live one here boys' came the gruff reply.


Lowering the book Georges produced himself a cigarette and taking the last match proceeded to light it. Slowly he took a drag, then straightening up his shades he smiled to himself. He knew there was one thing his would be attackers had forgotten to take into consideration...