...Somethin' Else in Camden

Wednesday 12th October . 19:30 Bar UnderSolo, 20 Inverness Street, London

"I'll have a dry martini please"

The cocktail waitress smiled icily and disappeared into the crowd. Morgan suppressed a laugh, and with a faint smile flickering about her lips casually scanned the room, coolly observing the people that surrounded her. This was indeed an excellent party, all the guests belonging to the highest echelon of society and in a setting to match. Negotiating her way across the marble floor, all eyes followed her, yet no one dared to attempt conversation. Occasionally her ironic gaze rested for a moment, singling out an individual who would turn away and laugh nervously, desperately attempting to huddle into the crowd amongst a flurry of anxious whispers.

Out on the terrace overlooking the city that glistened in the moonlight, she stood with her hands resting lightly on the gilt iron railing looking out towards the mountains in the distance which were shrouded in mist; barely discernible in far away darkness. Way down below amongst the dimly lit alleyways and labyrinths of city streets she hoped that he would be able to complete the task she had set him. Any time now she would need to put the next stage of her plan into action. That Mr Kaplan sure was hard to track down; could he really be relied upon to carry out a job of this magnitude without a hitch?

"Ms Taylor, I've brought you your drink"

Surprised at not hearing the waitress' voice Morgan turned swiftly and instead saw a man in an immaculate suit, his eyes obscured by shades who was holding out a glass to her, its contents shimmering in the silver light.

"Don't worry, I made sure it wasn't shaken and that they went easy on the vermouth"

They exchanged a smile as the music from the house band drifted out from the hall across the night air.

"I should never have doubted you Mr Kaplan."

"Call me Georges" he replied. Then he was gone, merging back into the sea of faces that flowed about her in all directions. She was now alone again, accompanied only by the sound of saxophone and piano.